THE TEA COLLECTIVE -Seed Loose Leaf Maternity 80g

THE TEA COLLECTIVE -Seed Loose Leaf Maternity 80g

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Our Maternity Collection is an exquisite and carefully curated collection that has been designed a little differently than most other brands. In each stage of pregnancy and birth, the mother and child have different needs. The Tea Collective's Maternity Collection has been specially formulated by Tracy Gaibisso, a leading Masters Educated, Natural Fertility and Reproductive Health Naturopath.

*Seed may contain traces of gluten.


Oat Straw | Nourishes the nervous system and contains a large amount of blood building nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Dandelion Leaf | Is rich in vitamins and calcium.

Chaste Tree Berries | Are used to improving female fertility.

Lemon Balm | Reduce stress and anxiety, and feel an increased sense of calm.

Ginger Root | Reduces nausea and vomiting and used to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy.