The Good Farm Shop - Shepard's Pie

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Shepherd's Pie, a classic comfort dish reimagined with a commitment to sustainability and quality. We take pride in using only the finest organic ingredients, with lamb sourced from small regenerative farms, to create a Shepherd's Pie that not only satisfies your cravings but also supports a more eco-friendly food system. Indulging in our Shepherd's Pie is like wrapping yourself in a warm, comforting embrace. The tender lamb and perfectly cooked vegetables harmonise with the creamy mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, delivering a symphony of flavours that will satisfy your cravings and warm your soul.

800g. Serves 2-3

Ingredients: Regenerative Lamb Mince, Onion*, Sweet potato, Potato*, Tomato*, green peas*, Bone broth*, Butter (milk)*, Olive oil*, Garlic*, Rosemary*, Thyme*, Sea salt , Black pepper* (*Indicates organic ingredients).