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Introducing our mouthwatering Massaman Beef Curry, a delectable blend of rich flavors and aromatic spices that will transport your taste buds to the heart of Thailand. Crafted with care and a commitment to sustainable practices, our Massaman Beef Curry stands out not only for its tantalizing taste but also for its thoughtful sourcing of ingredients. We work closely with local organic purveyors who share our passion for sustainability, ensuring that only the freshest and most vibrant ingredients make their way into our Massaman Beef Curry. From fragrant kaffir leaves and aromatic ginger to luscious coconut milk and tender potatoes, every element of our dish is thoughtfully chosen to provide you with an authentic and wholesome experience.

Size: 500g (serves 2)

Serving suggestion: Our Massaman Beef Curry pairs exceptionally well with a variety of accompaniments that complement its flavors and enhance your dining experience. Our favorites are Jasmine rice, roti, naan and steamed veggies. Adding a dollop of yoghurt will make your Massaman extra delicious.

All ready-meals come frozen. Simply de-thaw, heat and serve. 

Ingredients: Regenerative 100% grass fed beef chuck steak, onion*,  coconut milk*, red chilli peppers*, shallots*, garlic, lemongrass*, galangal (a ginger-like root)*, coriander seeds*, cumin seeds*, cardamom pods*, cinnamon*, cloves*, nutmeg*, coconut oil*, ginger*, tamarind paste*, kaffir lime leaves*,  fish sauce*, potatoes*. (*indicates organic ingredients)