The Good Farm Shop - Fish Pie (serves 2)

The Good Farm Shop - Fish Pie (serves 2)

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Dive into our delectable Fish Pie, crafted with quality ingredients including wild MSC certified Ling, and perfected with a gluten-free crumb topping that adds a delightful crunch to every bite.

Serves 2 - 700g

EAT WITH CAUTION: While every attempt has been made to remove all bones by our fish monger and our chefs, one may have slipped though the net. However unlikely this is, please eat with caution. 

Serving suggestion: Pairs beautifully with a light garden salad, pan fried broccolini or buttery peas. 

Ingredients: MSC certified Ling , Potato*, Milk*, Onion*, carrot*, Wine*, Cheese*, Cream*, Butter*, Olive oil*, Mustard, Almonds *, Pepita*, Brown rice flour*, Dill*, Parsley*, Tarragon*, Sea salt (*indicates organic ingredients).

Allergens: nuts, cream (milk), cheese (milk)