The Good Farm Shop - Primal Ragu (serves 2)

The Good Farm Shop - Primal Ragu (serves 2)

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    Slow-simmered to perfection, our Primal Ragu boasts a deep, savoury taste that transports you to a rustic kitchen in the heart of Italy, while also boasting the healthful benefits of organ meats. Renowned for their nutritional density, kidney and liver contribute essential vitamins and minerals, promoting overall health and vitality. 

    Serving Suggestion:  Remember, the choice of accompaniment ultimately depends on personal preference. Our favourites include pasta, roast veggies, polenta, crunchy sourdough or mash. Explore additional options based on your taste and dietary requirements. 

    Ingredients: Beef mince**, Beef Kidney**, Beef Liver**, Onion*, Tomato*, Carrot*, Tomato paste*, Olive oil*, Oregano*, Basil*, Rosemary*, Salt, Black pepper* (*indicates organic ingredients, (**Indicates regenerative ingredients)

    HOW TO PREPARE: From thawed, place contents into saucepan and simmer until heated. From frozen, remove lid and place in oven at 100° until heated through. Keep frozen below -15°C. If stored in the fridge, keep below 5°C and consume within 5 days.

    • Regenerative / Organic
    • No gluten, additives or preservatives!