Kehoe's - Australian Mustard 240g

Kehoe's - Australian Mustard 240g

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Reading the ingredient list, you will see that cabbage is the first ingredient in this spread!! How weird is that? It’s actually sauerkraut based, but we chose to omit that information from the jars, because we created this spread to help families feed raw probiotic sauerkraut to their picky eaters who won’t touch it in it’s natural shredded form. Fingers crossed they don’t read this post.

We have plans for more “cabbage” based (sauerkraut) spreads in 2021- so watch this space. When compared to using cashews as a dip base it is perfect for us. It is plant based, lower carbon and locally sourced (cashews don’t grow in Australia).

INGREDIENTS: Organic cabbage, organic mustard seeds, organic apple powder, sea salt & organic turmeric powder. 78% Australian Ingredients. GMO FREE

USE: Keep refrigerated. Use as you would a normal mustard.

ALLERGENS: Made in our kitchen where nuts and are used. Great care is taken, however traces may be present.

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    *Certified Organic