Hethstia - Konjac Red Curry Cup Noodles 160g

Hethstia - Konjac Red Curry Cup Noodles 160g

Expiry date: 2025/08/26
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Introducing our new Konjac Red Curry Cup Noodles – spicy curry flavor, satisfying noodle texture, and 40g of sauce, 120g of konjac noodles, and 2g of veggies per cup.
  • Low Carb Low Calorie.
  • KETO Friendly, Gluten Free.
  • Kosher & Halal.
  • Quick and Easy.
  • Odor-Free Experience.
  • Non-GMO, Plant-Based Vegan.

Benefits for Customers:

1. Authentic Red Curry Flavors: Our Konjac Red Curry Cup Noodles are infused with the authentic and aromatic flavors of red curry. Each bite is a culinary adventure, delivering a delightful combination of spices and herbs that will tantalize your taste buds.

2. Gluten-Free and Low CalorieWe understand the importance of catering to various dietary needs. They are suitable for those with gluten sensitivities or following a gluten-free diet as they are gluten-free. Additionally, they are low in calories, allowing you to enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal without the guilt.

3. Weight Loss SupportIf you are working towards losing weight, you may find our noodles to be a helpful addition to your meal plan. With their low-calorie and low-carb nature, these noodles can help you manage your calorie intake while still enjoying a flavorful and fulfilling meal.

4. Blood Sugar ManagementThey can be a favorable choice for individuals looking to manage their blood sugar levels. They used in our product have a low glycemic index, which means they have a minimal impact on blood sugar levels. By adding these noodles to your diet, you’ll be able to control your blood sugar levels while enjoying a satisfying meal.

5. Increased SatietyThey are rich in dietary fiber, making you feel full and satiated, which helps curb cravings and prevent overeating. By promoting a sense of satisfaction, these can support your weight management goals.