Diego's - GoMex White Corn Tortilla - 280g 10 pack

Diego's - GoMex White Corn Tortilla - 280g 10 pack

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Our GoMex range of tortillas and meal kits are fun and healthy offering an authentic Mexican street food flavour. Suitable for family and friends to enjoy together. Join us in exploring the variety of meals from Southern California to Baja to Mexico and beyond using our traditional tortillas, kits and condiments because variety is the spice of life..

  • Quality Australian Made Products
  • Health Star Rated
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Soy Free

Diego’s Corn Tortillas make preparing Mexican dishes easy and delicious. Equally versatile, they can be used to create toasted sandwiches, quiche bases, samosas or corn chips

White Corn Tortilla 7” (17.8cm): Corn Masa Flour, Filtered Water, Corn Starch, Preservatives (281, 280), Vegetable Gums (466,412), Food Acids (297, 200). Handling: 365 days unopened, 3 days refrigerated.