Love Organics -  Fennel Kraut 440g

Love Organics - Fennel Kraut 440g

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Love Organics Fennel Kraut is an exciting take on a traditional sauerkraut with a whole lot more punch.  This certified organic, probiotic boosted and vegan ferment is packed full of flavour and superfood benefits.

Love Organics Fennel Kraut is a definite crowd pleaser with a moreish blend of garlic, fennel and kelp.  This ferment can be paired with literally everything with a flavour that is hard to resist.

All ingredients are 100% certified organic.

Each 35 gm serving of Love Organics Fennel Kraut contains ^5.25 billion CFU of probiotic strains.


Ingredients: Daikon, Fennel bulb, Cabbage, Garlic, Celtic Sea Salt, Alkaline Water, Hemp Seed, Kelp, Coriander, Caraway Seed, Cumin, Fennel Seed, L. plantarum, L. rhamnosus, L. paracasei.