Healthy Bake -  Khorasan Fruit Buns 6pk

Healthy Bake - Khorasan Fruit Buns 6pk

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Khorasan is one of the ancient grains and has a great many advantages over common wheat.  For people who have difficulties digesting normal bread, Khorasan has a rich buttery taste and an excellent texture.  The grain is packed full of energy with protein levels up to 40% higher than normal wheat.  The buns have a generous quantity of quality sun dried sultanas and currants mixed with the very best mixed spice.

Ingredients: Organic Khorasan Flour, Sultanas (15%), Currants (8%), Filtered Water, Olive Oil, Brown Cane Sugar, Mixed Spice, Yeast, Sea Salt, Sourdough Culture (contains Acidophilus & Bifidus)