Careme - Spelt Butter Puff Pastry Sheet 375g

Careme - Spelt Butter Puff Pastry Sheet 375g

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Carême’s Spelt Wholemeal Butter Puff Pastry is based on our signature butter puff pastry recipe. It is made with 50% wholemeal spelt flour and 50% unbleached spelt flour, making it ideally suited to health-conscious customers seeking a higher fibre alternative to normal puff. It also offers a delicate, nutty flavour that complements and enhances an array of fillings.

Our spelt wholemeal butter puff pastry:

  • Has a light, flaky texture
  • Is ideal for dishes that need a stronger dough and less lift
  • Is made with 32% butter
  • Is wholesome and high in fibre
  • Is great for catering as it’s less crumbly and easy to handle
  • Is great for handheld dishes
  • Is highly versatile, and suits both sweet and savoury dishes.



Butter (Cream (Milk)), Wholemeal Spelt Flour (50%), White Spelt Flour (50%), Water, Salt, Vinegar.
Contains Milk, Gluten (Spelt).
No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or additives.


Keep Frozen at or below -18 C
Shelf Life: 12 months (frozen)
Use within: 48 hours once defrosted


Pies, Pasties, Sausage Rolls, Savoury Tarts, Sweet Tarts and Canapes.


Preparation Instructions

For the best result, defrost in the refrigerator until pliable.
Lightly dust work surface and pastry before cutting.
For the best result, we recommend baking in a fan-forced oven at 200°C.