Banana Joe - Banana Chips Sea Salt 46.8g

Banana Joe - Banana Chips Sea Salt 46.8g

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GROS MICHEL VARIETY BETTER THAN PLANTAIN CHIPS we use a unique variety of bananas to make thinner and crispier chips than the usual plantain chips you can find. Although difficult to source, the gros michel variety is also sweeter, creamier and more flavorful than any other variety. We harvest, cook and package the bananas in the same day to preserve maximum freshness and quality. The bananas are produced by small family owned farms.

NO SUGGAR ADDED HEALTHIER CHIP why add sugar to an already well balanced and delicious snack? We also prefer to harvest our bananas green so that they are less ripe, meaning much lower sugar. Green bananas are also a great source of nutriments such as potassium, vitamines and fiber. Plus they are also a source of prebiotics! We cook the bananas gently to allow the flavors to remain intact. For that we use a healthy cooking oil: rice bran oil.

SIMPLE INGREDIENTS ONLY NOTHING ARTIFICIAL natural flavors no preservatives non-gmo no MSG asian snacks. Gluten, Soy, Nuts, Grains & Dairy free dried fruit. Vegan Paleo Atkins Diet snacks. natural oils 0 grams trans-fat no cholesterol hypoallergenic antioxydant source plant based snacks.

PACKED WITH NATURAL PROBIOTICS & PREBIOTICS probiotics are good bacteria that provide numerous health benefits such as better digestion and gut health. Prebiotics are fibers that nourish these good bacteria. They are basically food for probiotics and thus a "gut fertilizer". Banana Joe's chips provide numerous health benefits such as supporting digestive health, supporting immune function and enhancing protein utilization.