How It Works

Rita’s Farm is a certified organic farm in Wallacia NSW delivering our vegetables and groceries to families throughout NSW & ACT. Order the day before on our website, we pick it that day and deliver to you next day.

We grow your veg

We along with similarly minded local growers grow our vegetables using certified organic or regenerative practices.

Pick a Delivery Time

Place your order 1 day before delivery and we get to work harvesting, washing, packaging & picking.

Get it tomorrow

Our team will deliver your box to your front door in re-use boxes, leave your boxes outside for a loop to re-use boxes and enjoy certified organic goodness direct from the farmer (that's us by the way)

Delivery Details

Free delivery (Yes, you read that correctly)

Add instructions

You can add detailed delivery and packing instructions, if you need. Should we ring the doorbell? No Plastic? Bring your delivery around back? Let us know and we’ll follow through.

Flexible delivery

We deliver into Sydney metro four days a week. We can leave your order even if you’re not home or pick up at a local farmers market for 10% off!

Packaged sustainably

All of our packaging is designed with a loop in mind. We’ll even pick up your boxes and ice packs to reuse or recycle them.

Where We Deliver

Why Shop With Us

We’re sick of supermarkets and dodgy vegetable practices. We want to bring food straight to your table from the farmers, producers and makers.

We take care of the soil

Using organic practices we never spray, we keep 30% natural diversity and we let vegetables grow slowly as they should.

The good food

We know what good food is. Our family heirlooms are the seeds we have kept in our family over the years that we save and keep saving to grow the best vegetables you’ve ever tasted.

The most convenient

Convenience isn’t just about 10-minute delivery or skipping queues. It's about having a simple way to get food fresh from the farm.