Very Vanilla -  100%Australian Vanilla Extract - 60ml

Very Vanilla - 100%Australian Vanilla Extract - 60ml

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A pure vanilla extract with a uniquely intense flavour. The slow extraction process develops the full flavour range of the bean. Vanilla extract is perfect for home-made ice cream, pannacotta and all baking. Anywhere a recipe asks for “essence”, just use a few drops of Very Vanilla Extract - it’s the real thing. No preservatives or artificial additives.

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Very Vanilla is a delicious range of gourmet vanilla products made from sustainably grown, Australian vanilla.

Key Benefits

  • 100% natural, made using sustainably grown vanilla from Australian tropical rainforests
  • Easy to use and perfect for any gourmet creations
  • Suitable For Vegetarians


  • Pure Bean Extractives (Water, Alcohol 35%, Bourbon Vanilla Beans), Sugar.