Spelt Fettucine 375g - Certified Organic

Spelt Fettucine 375g - Certified Organic

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Spelt is a super grain as it is packed full with great nutritional benefits and has a wholesome, nutty flavor. Spelt is an ancient, high protein grain and relatives of modern wheat. Spelt has a great flavor and are easily absorbed by the body. They are particularly enjoyed by many people requiring special diets, such as those who have a low wheat tolerance or wheat and gluten sensitivities or allergies. L'abruzzese Organic Spelt Fettucine 375g pastas are easily digested and have a great, nutty taste! Spelt flour is versatile, used in baking breads, cakes & muffins and in pizza dough.

Wollongong: Friday

ACT and Regional NSW: Friday

Sydney Metro & NSW: Thursday, Friday & Saturday


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