Offaly Good Food - Organic Chilli Chicken Pate 180g

Offaly Good Food - Organic Chilli Chicken Pate 180g

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Offaly Good Food Organic Chilli Chicken Pate is a unique and indulgent flavour that is crafted using signature in-house
harissa and carefully selected chillies. These ingredients come together to
perfectly complement the rich and savoury taste of the chicken livers, creating
a flavour profile that is both bold and complex.

Offaly Good Food take pride in using only the
finest, organic ingredients in all products and Organic Chilli
Chicken Pate is no exception. They believe that this attention to quality is what
sets them apart from other brands and they are committed to providing you with
products that you can trust and you will love.

Offaly Good Food Organic Chicken Pates are packed with protein, iron, riboflavin, folic acid, copper, vitamins A, B, and B12. Livers used for pate are organic, and sourced sustainably and ethically. They use livers from chickens that are already being used for meat, so there’s absolutely no wastage. These chickens receive a balanced diet, clean housing, and freedom to roam during the day.

Chicken livers are nutritional gold because they store all the goodies like vitamins and minerals that the body needs. It goes the other way, too. Take a non-organic liver, and you’re likely to find a few nasty additions in there. That's why Offaly Good food create a nutrient dense pate from organic chicken livers.

Offaly Good Food focuses on product quality, using mainly organic, local ingredients to create our nutrient dense and offaly good pâté. Each jar is handmade in Melbourne with 100% ethical and sustainable ingredients. They cook and seal each jar with organic coconut oil, making the pâté gluten and dairy free.

  • Made in Melbourne, Australia
  • Preservative Free

Ingredients: Organic Chicken liver (58.9%), Sliced Onion (38.5%), Harissa Paste (Made In House) (26.8%), Organic Odourless Coconut Oil (18%), Free Range Bacon, White Wine Vinegar, Salt Himalayan, Garlic, Black Pepper, Fresh Thyme.