Momma Kombucha - Raspberry Margarita Mocktail 1L

Momma Kombucha - Raspberry Margarita Mocktail 1L

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Our traditional double fermented organic rooibos kombucha blended with fresh Lime juice and pulped raspberries.   The natural sweetness of the rooibos kombucha mixed with the tangy lime juice make a refreshing and fun drink.  Best served icy chilled.

Colour may vary and lime and raspberry pulp can settle at top of the bottle.  Gently roll bottle to remix.

Contains traces of caffeine and no more than 1% alcohol.  Sugar +/- 5g per 100ml.  Must be refrigerated at all time.

Wollongong: Friday

ACT and Regional NSW: Friday

Sydney Metro & NSW: Thursday, Friday & Saturday


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