MINDFUL FOODS - Teriyaki Munchies Organic & Activated 90g

MINDFUL FOODS - Teriyaki Munchies Organic & Activated 90g

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The Perfect “Nom Nom” Snack
Kombucha-activated almonds, cashews and crunchy lentils coated in Mindful-Made teriyaki sauce. We have used locally grown garlic and ginger to spice up this blend – because fresh is always best! They’ll satisfy your Umami cravings – without having to tuck into a pack of chips!

Sprinkle them on yoghurt, granola, in salads, on ice-cream or on a cheeseboard. P.S. take them to your next dinner date!

Kombucha-activated** (pecans^ walnuts*) maple syrup* activated nut butter (almonds* walnuts* cashews* pecans ^ brazil nuts*, hazelnuts*) raw macadamias*, cinnamon* brandy* tapioca* salt

*=Certified organic ingredient;
^= Organic in conversion;
**= Activated in kombucha, filtered water + Australian rock salt'
Allergens: May contain traces of seeds/nutshells