Mayver's - Cacao Super Spread 280g

Mayver's - Cacao Super Spread 280g

Expiry date: 2023/03/23
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Our Cacao Super Spread has absolutely NO ADDED SUGAR and is naturally sweetened with DATES! We’ve bottled nature’s guilt-free, dairy-free all natural choccie fix in a re-sealable jar. It’s made from just Chia, Sesame, Almond, plus ‘super’ nuts, dates and cacao that’s simply been crushed, blended and bottled – no added sugar, oil, salt, gluten or dairy! Mix it up with smoothies, spread it on your favourite snack or eat it by the spoonful straight from the jar!

  • No added sugar
  • No hardened fats
  • Nothing artificial
  • No added palm oil
  • Vegan friendly



Peanuts, Cashews, Brazil Nuts, Almonds, Dates, Cacao Powder, Chia Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Natural Vanilla Flavour

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