Hakubaku – Somen Noodles 270g

Hakubaku – Somen Noodles 270g

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Soba can be served with various toppings, hot in a soup broth or chilled, and served with a dipping sauce, scallions and wasabi. Soba can also be used in stir fries and salads.

Noodles are cooked in plenty of boiling water or they will not cook evenly and will have a starchy taste. Keep the water gently boiling and when the noodles first go in the pot stir gently to separate. Most importantly, be careful not to overcook. Just like pasta, drain the noodles when still just a little chewy. A little oil could be tossed through the noodles to stop them sticking.

Cooking Time:  4 minutes, 3 minutes for stir-fries.



Organic Wheat Flour, Organic Buckwheat Flour, Salt, Water.

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