Fresh Goat Cheese - 280g

Fresh Goat Cheese - 280g

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Gympie Farm Goat Cheese.

Made in a traditional chabichou style from the Poitou region in France with 100% goat milk from Nanago, Queensland.

There are three distinct ages at which to enjoy this cheese. It’s really a matter of personal taste and occasion or simply how long you manage to leave it in the fridge.

When the cheese is fresh, just a week or two old before it goes through the salting/maturing process, it is still quite soft. It is beautiful on its own, on toast with a nice jam or in a salad.

After it has matured, been through the salting process and left to age and grow a light penicillin mold like any “brie” cheese you find in the supermarket. It has a strong flavour and is great after a meal on some crusty bread with a beautiful red wine.

Aged for a month or two the cheese becomes more for the connoisseurs it is densely textured with complex flavours, it will have you speaking in tongue.

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